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IFE NDT | Non Destructive Testing

Welcome to IFENDT

Certified Technicians

Providing non-destructive testing that is in compliance with international standards ensures the safe and efficient operation of equipment and assets by detecting defects before they result in severe damage.  IFENDT, LLC supports your business' needs by offering you the best in the industry in testing and certification equipment, along with the our certified personnel.  Find out more about what we can provide in our Services Section.


Tracking your Equipment and Assets certifications is key to protecting your company. IFENDT uses customized software that is available to you to keep the records you need.








Customer Service is the key to our success...


Services we Offer

IFENDT Services:

  • *ASNT Certified Inspection
  • *Third Party Level III Services
  • *Ultrasonic Inspection
  • *Web Tracking Inspection Technology
  • *Bottomhole Assembly Inspection
  • *Wet/Dry Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • *Dye Penetrant Inspection
  • *Casing Inspection
  • *Flow Iron Inspection
  • *Tubing Inspection
  • *API Machine Shop Compliance Services
  • *Structural Inspection
  • *Calibration Services
  • *Specialized & Custom Inspections
  • *Electromagnetic Inspections

Ultrasonic Testing (UT) – Capability

We are qualified to offer the following

  • Ultrasonic Testing of Welds 3.1 Plate, 3.2 Pipes, 3.7 T Butts and Cruciforms, 3.8 Nozzles and 3.9 Node welds.
  • Ultrasonic Testing of Forgings
  • Ultrasonic Testing of Castings

We also hold PCN Level 3 Ultrasonic Testing of Welds.

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Magnetic Testing (MT)– Capability

IFENDT, LLC can offer Magnetic Testing on-site or in house for smaller components in our dedicated test facility. We offer both visual color contrasting methods and fluorescent.

IFENDT, LLC have PCN Level 2 Technicians to test welds, forgings and castings and PCN Level 3 Magnetic Testing services.

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Penetrant Testing (PT) – Capability

Dye penetrant inspection is IFENDT, LLC offer PCN Level 2 technicians to carry out penetrant testing both on site using color contrast or fluorescent techniques or in house at our dedicated test facility.

IFENDT, LLC offers a PCN Level 3 Penetrant Testing service.

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Visual and Optical Testing (VT) 

The most basic NDT method is visual examination. Visual examiners follow procedures that range from simply looking at a part to see if surface imperfections are visible, to using computer controlled camera systems to automatically recognize and measure features of a component.

 Visual Testing (VT) requires line-of-sight contact with the portion of the specimen to be inspected, adequate illumination of the test specimen, a thorough understanding of the nature and origin of discontinuities and potential defects within the test object, and familiarity with the specifications controlling the inspection process. 

Visual testing presents numerous real benefits: simplicity, rapidity, low cost, minimal training and equipment requirements, and the ability to be performed while the specimen is being used or processed.


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